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‘Gaspra’ Vision (1) To increase the rate of GDP of national economic growth every year by 1 % for the next 10 years, make quality products developed by Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSME) in India available to the general public at a reasonable price, and to eradicate unemployment, by doing business through multi-level, direct as well as networking marketing.              (2) Provide unique natural Product and services to the society with auspicious sight of highest ethical value for integrity in health, wealth and wellbeing. To be Major Player in all product segments with a long term approach of multilevel marketing, direct marketing and network marketing by collaborating and facilitating each and every independent distributor of GASPRA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT LTD

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Dear New Independent Distributor,

Heartily welcome to Gaspra Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

It is our pleasure to welcome you as a new independent distributor for Gaspra Business Solutions Pvt Ltd. We are pleased to be strategically aligning ourselves with you, believing that this is dually a winning combination. Gaspra Business Solutions Pvt Ltd has been offering thousands of FMCG, Ayurvedic, Cosmetics and Food Products of Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSME) in India. Combining that with your ability to Innovative, Reliable and unlimited Business opportunity, we should see a great deal of success come from this relationship.

We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to join forces with each Independent distributor. Our commitment to our distributors continues to lie in the offering of excellent service and competitive rates for our products. We look forward to a mutually rewarding partnership with each independent distributor long into the future and again, we welcome you as one of our valued distributors.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. An opportunity to further converse with you about our new strategic alliance would be well received.

Yours very truly
Gaspra Business Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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