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‘Gaspra’ Vision (1) To increase the rate of GDP of national economic growth every year by 1 % for the next 10 years, make quality products developed by Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSME) in India available to the general public at a reasonable price, and to eradicate unemployment, by doing business through multi-level, direct as well as networking marketing.              (2) Provide unique natural Product and services to the society with auspicious sight of highest ethical value for integrity in health, wealth and wellbeing. To be Major Player in all product segments with a long term approach of multilevel marketing, direct marketing and network marketing by collaborating and facilitating each and every independent distributor of GASPRA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT LTD

Feature Products



Agasthya Rasayanam 500gm

Chyavanaprasam 500gm

Pancha jeeraka Gudam Lehya 200g

Power Gen 100gm

PowerGen Lehya 500gm

PowerGen Plus Lehya 500gm

Sathavari Gulam Lehya 200g

Triphala Choornam 75g

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