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Stock Point

Conditions of Franchisee

1) Franchise amount
The minimum order quantity to get the Franchise are as follows:
(a) State Franchise 25 Lakhs (b) District Franchise 5 Lakhs (c) Area Franchise 1 Lakh

2) Free Logistics
From Second purchase onwards the minimum purchase quantity to avail free logistics
from the company would be as follows
 State Franchise - 5 Lakhs
 District Franchise - 1 Lakh
 Area Franchise - Rs.10000/-

3) Minimum Purchase
The minimum purchase Quantity required are as follows
 State Franchises - Rs.50000/-
 District Franchises - Rs.25000/-
 Area Franchises - Rs.5000/-

4) Franchise Commission
The commissions are all on BV’s. The commission will be on 10 th of every month.
The Commission structure for our Franchises are as follows
 State Franchise 5%,
 District Franchise 7%
 Area Franchise 13%

5) Special Offer for Franchise
In the absence of State Franchise, the District Franchise is eligible for the State
Franchise’s 5% commission and hence will receive 5% + 7% which will sum to 12% in
total. And if the State and District Franchises are not appointed or absence, the Area
Franchise is eligible to get the District Franchise’s 7% commission and hence will
receive 7% plus 13% which will sum to 20% in total.

6) Franchise Procedure
The Franchise will be allocated only to the Distributors. The Franchise applicants should
follow our prescribed format. Post application submission, verification and validation will
be done from our end. Franchise sanction procedure will be executed for the validated
applicants. The Franchise amount should be transferred via RTGS or NEFT to our
Gaspra Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bank account.

7) Franchise Upgradation
As we are Franchise friendly organization. We entertain Area Franchises who can
perform in terms of Business & can be upgraded to District Franchise and there on to
State Franchise.

Stock Point Enquiry: 8157992244

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